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At Word of Faith Global Ministries, we believe seeking God is not a one-time event – but a way of life. We pursue God daily.

Jesus is passionately in love with us, so we aim to live in a way that reflects that love to others. We love fiercely. 

If loving fiercely is what we do, serving others is how we do it. We’re a church that views serving others as a privilege – not an obligation. We serve gladly.

Current Series

Be Brave

The uncertainties of life can sometimes seem difficult and out of our control, causing us to feel anxious and lose faith.  For most of us, being brave is not about facing death head on, but about finding the necessary courage to face those challenges that come our way.  All throughout the Bible, there were men and women who faced what appeared to be the biggest test of their lives.  In this series, we can glean from these faith-filled stories and bring encouragement to those that need it.

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