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At Word of Faith Global Ministries, we believe seeking God is not a one-time event – but a way of life. We pursue God daily.

Jesus is passionately in love with us, so we aim to live in a way that reflects that love to others. We love fiercely. 

If loving fiercely is what we do, serving others is how we do it. We’re a church that views serving others as a privilege – not an obligation. We serve gladly.

Current Series

Keep the Rhythm

Creating a pattern of good habits produces a productive lifestyle. Jesus sets this example by showing us how He practiced the idea of keeping a rhythm. There was a time for healing, delivering people from oppression, a time for instructing and teaching, a time for rest, and most importantly, He took time regularly to be alone with the Father. This series is a good reminder to encourage people to create good habits such as praying, reading/studying the Word of God, attending church consistently, setting time aside for family, etc.

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